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Travel Reimbursement

          Go to Travel and Expense
          Log in using your A# and password. Click log in.
          In the drop down box find the traveler’s name.

To Create a New Travel Expense Report (TR)

A TA has to be completed and approved before a TR is created.
          Go do Expense Manager.
Find original completed TA.
Click once so it is highlighted.
Click Generate Expense Report (bottom right corner)
A box will pop up with Report Name, Report Date and Affiliation. (This information is copied from the TA)
          Click Save.
On the Expense Report List for the traveler, a TR has been created.
Choose the TR in which you are reconciling (the most recent one will be on the top).
Double click on the TR to open.
Choose Expenses
          Start with Reimbursable:
All estimated expenses that were included with the TA will populate.
                    Check each expense and match up with receipt for actual costs.
For the location box – If Airfare expense type then enter Airport code for airfare. This will help travel the University’s Carbon Footprint.
Funding – If you have an expense that need to be split, or charged to a different index then the default, this is where you will change it.
          Go to Non-Reimbursable
                   Change any amounts to match actual receipt amount.
          Add Attachments
                    Scan all documentation and receipts
                   Click Attachments (on left of screen)
                   Click More Actions (above the blue bar)
                   Choose Add Attachment
                   Click Browse
                   Find the file you have saved and click Open
                   Click Attach
Once finished click the View or Submit Button
Check over work and click Submit