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Travel and Expense Guidelines

Go to Banner (log in using your A# and password)

Choose Travel & Expense from the list of applications (4th item from the top on the lefthand side)

To Add a Traveler (This only needs to be done once for each of your travelers)

Go to the tab, Delegate Control.

Click on ‘Click here to select a delegate’

Click Advanced Search Tab

Click the drop down arrow and select Banner ID

Type your A# in the search box and click 'Go'.

Highlight your name in the box below and click 'Add'.

In the bottom right corner click 'Add Traveler'.

Click Advanced Search Tab

Click the drop down arrow and select Banner ID

Type in Traveler’s A#.

If you do not have the traveler’s A# in the drop down box select their Last Name. Then in the next drop down box select their First Name. Type in both their names and click Go. (Make sure you have the correct traveler.)

Highlight their name and click 'Add'.

Go to the Delegate Tab and click 'Refresh'.

In the drop down box find the traveler’s name.

Once you have selected the traveler go to their Profile.

Make sure they have their Address and Email Address in the profile. If they do not, click the pencil to add.

If the traveler is a benefited employee then they are the approver. If not, the preparer is the approver.

The Workflow Login ID, is always the traveler’s A#.

If the traveler has an index that they always use then you can add the index in the Funding Default.

Click on the Pencil. Then in the Chart, type U for Utah State University and then type the Index and click 'Add'. Then click 'Save.'

To Create a New Travel Authorization

Go to Expense Manager Tab, and make sure you are in Authorization Reports.

 Click 'New' at the Top.

In the Report Name enter the traveler’s Last Name, First Name, First date of travel, and Destination.

Report Type will always be Travel.

Select a Purpose.

The Report Date is always the date you create the TA

Do not select anything in the Affliation.


Funding :

                If you already added the Index in the Profile, it should be here.

               Then click the pencil in Funding Default.

                Add U for Utat State University in the Chart, and enter the index then click 'Add'.

                Click 'Save'.

Then click Save again.Click Save and Continue.

 The Itinerary box will appear

Enter the following information:

            The Departure Date and Return Date

            Departure City, State and Destination City, State

            Enter Nation for International Trips

Click 'Add' and then Save and Continue.


 Go to Estimated Expenses.

Start with Reimbursable.

Change the date to Departure Date

Select the Type of Travel. 

Enter the Estimated Expense

In the Paid By box, choose Paid Personally

Click 'Save'.

Repeat Steps until you have added each estimated expense

Go to Non-Reimbursable.

Change the date to Departure Date

Select the Type of Travel .

Enter the Estimated Expense

In Paid By box choose correct payment route. 

If the expense is Christopherson, SOS Insurance, or Motor Pool, you have to enter the index at the beginning of the description box

Click 'Save'.

Go to Authorization Report Tab

Click the Pencil next to Comments.

The preparer should add their name and phone number.


Add any other information pertaining to this trip including Others in Party. 

Click 'Save'.


Cash Advance

      If a Cash Advance is needed – Click 'Request Advance'

      Choose either Student or International Cash Advance

      Fill in Description and Amount

      Make sure Address is correct

      Click Submit

This will submit the Cash Advance Request and the TA