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Travel Cash Advance

All Cash Advances will be funded through the Controller's Office. Cash Advances will be closed out and charged to the department's index when the Travel Reimbursement (TR) is processed. The department's index will be encumbered with the amount of the travel cash advance. 

All Travel Cash Advances should be reconciled within 30 days of the traveler's return date.  If within 60 days the Travel Cash Advance is not reconciled the cost of the entire trip may become taxable income to the traveler.  

Cash Advances available through the Travel Department are for the following circumstances:

1.      Individual student(s) who are traveling on University related business. 

2.      Group travel involving students.

3.      International travel 

For student group travel, please note:

1.     The advance will be issued to the faculty or staff member that has been designated responsible for the group.

       a.     If the Faculty Member or Staff is not traveling with the group, the advance will be issued to the student leader. However, the responsible staff/faculty member needs to be listed in the comments section on the Travel Authorization (TA).

3.      The names of all students in the group must be included on the TA.