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Process for Travel Cash Advance

All Cash Advances will be funded through the Controller's Office. Cash Advances will be closed out and charged to the department's index when the Travel Reimbursement (TR) through Travel and Expense is completed. The department's index will be encumbered with the amount of the travel cash advance.

If within 60 days the Travel Cash Advance is not closed the advanced amount can become taxable income to the traveler. 

Cash Advances available through the Travel Department are for the following circumstances:

1.      Individual student(s) who are traveling on University related business. 

2.      Group travel involving students.

3.      International travel for faculty members

For student group travel, please note:

1.   Only one check per trip will be prepared for group travel.

2.     The check will be made out to the faculty or staff member that has been designated responsible for the group.

       a.     If the Faculty Member or Staff is not traveling with the group, the check will be made out to the student leader. However, the responsible staff/faculty member needs to be listed in the comments section on the Travel Authorization (TA).

3.      The names of all students in the group must be included on the TA in Travel and Expense.

4.      Staff can sign for and pick up a cash advance check made out to the designated faculty member or staff. ID is required.

To generate a cash advance in T&E:

1. Add Reimbursable line items with estimates

2. Click "Request Advance" at the bottom right hand corner

3. Choose Student or International Cash Advance

4. Fill in Description and Amount

5. In Comments box specify if you want the check sent to the address listed, check held at the Cashiers Office or if the advance will go Direct Deposit

6. Click Submit