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Travel Approval Guidelines


More information regarding the new Travel system is coming soon.

Travel Authorization -TA
Travel authorizations are still a two-part process. The first email you receive from “” is to approve the trip/traveler/funding/estimated expense and the document number will begin with “TA” Travel Authorization.

Travel Final Expense Report - TR
Once the trip has been completed, a travel expense report will be processed by one of your staff members. This will include fund dollar amounts and any receipts necessary will be attached. After the travel expense report is completed, you will receive a second email to approve the final amounts and the document number will now start with “TR” Travel Reimbursement. Once the TR is approved, the process is complete and a reimbursement will be issued to the traveler.

Items to Watch for before approving

  • Check the index being used, is it appropriate?
  • Is the traveler with your department or do you authorize this traveler to travel for your department?
  • Are the reimbursements being requested on the TR what you expected?
  • Are the items in the TR compliant with the travel policy?